Transmition Belting

Poly ribbed Belt, timing Belt, V belt, Conveyor Belt

V Belts

A belt is a loop of flexible material used to link two or more rotating shafts mechanically

Cogged Belt

A COG belt is a belt with teeth. That is instead of a smooth belt, such as a simple v-belt, that will always have some slip

Timing Belts

The transmission of synchronous beit is a new transmission mode and transmits the dynamic torce by the meshing of the belt teeth and pulley,lt combines respective advantages of gear transmission,chain tramission and transmission.

Poly Ribbed Belt

Poly Ribbed Belt for cars and generators and also use in machinery.


Our range is imported using best grade materials and advanced technology. We also provide personalized solution to our clients as per their requirement


Oil, Air, Fuel Filters for Automotive and industrial uses.

New Arrivals

Fire Extinguishers

Trusted Best Quality Import from China

Safety Jackets

Best quality import from china Available in different color and qualities

12"/18"/28" Traffic Cones

12"/18"/28" Traffic Cones Fluorescent Red Reflective Road Safety Parking Cones


Food conveyor Belt

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Road safety Equipment

Conse, Cat Eye, PVC rod, Trafic Signel lights,Tapes and much more items for Road Safety.

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Road mirror, Gloves items who you need,

Safe Your life at work

First aid box first need your workers, helmets, safety glasses,Fire safety equipment, masks,

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Timing Belts


Poly Ribbed Belt


V Belts

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